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Handcrafting Your Memorial

Here are some of the important steps that we take when we hand craft your custom memorial in our shop.  It is our attention to detail during every step that makes our stones so unique and stand out above the rest. 

We Buy Our Own Stone by the Truckload

We buy all of our raw materials in quantity so that we can offer you the highest quality granite and the most affordable prices.  We keep a very large inventory of blank stones in our warehouse so that we can carve and process your stone for a quick delivery.

We Can Match any Existing Marker or Design

If you need to match an existing marker or monument for another family member we will go to the cemetery and take a "rubbing" or "blueprint" of the existing stone and duplicate it exactly.


We Have over 150,000 Designs to Choose From

Since 1987 Shevchenko Monuments has been designing the majority of our stones using computer aided technology.  If you have a particular picture, scene, or lettering style in mind we'll be able to match it. We send you a sketch of the work for your approval before we cut your stone.


The Computer Cuts Your Stencil

From your computer drawing, after you approve, the computer cuts the stencil exactly the way you see it.  Our craftsmen will etch your drawing onto a high quality rubber stencil for your approval.  We use only the highest quality materials so that your drawing is distortion free when it is transferred to your monument.


We Remove the Gloss Right in Our Shop (aka "Frosting")

This double process is very important to the long lasting quality of our craftsmanship.  We remove the polish using steel pellets.  This leaves your stone with a superior quality high contrast finish.  By cutting the letters at the end of the process we produce the sharpest definition.


The Stencil is "Glued In" and Regauged for Accuracy

After frosting, the stencil is reapplied and gauged before cutting.  This step eliminates the possibility of the design being stretched out of shape during the final etching.


3D Shaping of Roses, Flowers, & Other Items in the Stone

All of the complex shaping of roses and other 3D etching is done in our #1 sandblast room by one of our family members.  Our trained craftsmen have years of experience gauge the correct depth and shape of the artwork to ensure that it "flows" properly on the stone.  This 3D shaping enhances the look and appeal of the artwork, and is a hallmark that we are very proud of.

Getting Ready for Sandblasting

Here we glue the stencil back into the stone where it was originally shaped.  The highlight lines are added last so that they are sharp and crisp.  This makes the artwork stand out.


Even Using the New Technology, the Human Touch is Important

Whether we use our computer to cut the stencil, or draw it from scratch by hand we take the time to check and recheck all of the measurements and lines before we send the stone to the sandblaster to be cut.  We are proud of our work and demand that you be happy with it.

Finally... The Sandblasting


We use state of the art sandblasting equipment which is set for precision and accuracy.  It will cut your lettering and design deeply, straight, and even.  By making use of the finest quality sand and creating large, striking letters our stones stand out among all of the rest.

Finishing Touches

The highlighting we do to create shadows in our designs are permanently ground into the stone.  This provides for more detailed and attractive artwork.  Our highlighting is never achieved by painting so it lasts forever.

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