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Memorial Portraits

You can now reproduce on ceramic the photographs of your loved ones for their memorial monuments.

Our technology

The latest state-of-the-art Italian processing technology is used to create our innovative high-definition / resolution digital transfer of photographic images (portraits) to a glazed porcelain or enameled stainless steel support material.

Unsurpassed quality

This new proprietary technology, combined with the use of inorganic ceramic pigments,will guarantee the highest standards of color, visual reproduction and quality of imagery, clarity and durability. 

All images are fixed (fused) into the top glaze of the porcelain or enameled support body, at temperatures in excess of 1600° F.

Our photo portrait transfer technology guarantees permanent resistance to:
• Sunlight (UV) Rays (Will not fade)
• Surface resistant to acid rain
• Surface and support materials are frost resistant

Why choose Shevchenko?

We use high quality machines and put our heart into our work. Below you will see competing business' ceramic photos compared to our own. You can see that their photos are faded and barely viewable while ours are clear and high quality. We can assure that you will be satisfied with our lifetime guarantee. 

Our Competitors' Work

Our Work

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